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Day 3 UG first year Orientation have contents on TIET online Classes, email, Time-Table, e-Ticket and TIET-LMS

by TIET LMS Admin -

Dear First-Year Students,


Please see the video recording of Day 3 UG first-year Orientation have contents on TIET online Classes, email, Time-Table, e-Ticket and TIET-LMS.






Video Time Lines

Start Time – End Time


00:00:00 - 00:07:00

Introduction to online classes

00:07:01 - 00:10:40

Thapar Institute Online Classes Ecosystem

00:10:41 - 00:13:15

Thapar email : How to access

00:13:16 - 00:19:57

TIET-LMS Online Learning Management System

00:19:58 - 00:20:49

Forgot LMS Password: Do it yourself

00:20:50 - 00:29:45

Online Classes through Zoom

00:29:46 - 00:41:29

Time Table: How to get Zoom Links

00:41:30 - 00:48:10

Online Support

00:48:11 - 01:01:00



General Issue regarding online classes:

1.       Please note that the passwords of thapar email, TIET-LMS and e-Ticket are different and are not the same. We have shared the username and password of email and TIET-LMS. The username of TIET-LMS is your thapar email address.


2.       Reset Password of LMS: You can reset the password of LMS on your own. Click “Forgot Password link” available under the login of LMS. Enter your thapar email only and press search. You will get an email on thapar email address to reset the password. Click the link in the email and set your password. Please go through the recorded session for “Forgot LMS Password: Do it yourself” from 00:19:58 - 00:20:49 duration.


3.       E-Ticket Login/Password: Please create your account yourself. We do not provide these accounts.

a.       Easy Step to get online help/support

                                                               i.      Create an account with or personal_email_id.

                                                             ii.      A user will receive a verification email.

                                                           iii.      Verify your email by clicking the verification link.

                                                           iv.      Create/open an e-Ticket for support under the relevant help.

4.       Reset the password of Thapar email address: To reset the password of your thapar email you need to open an e-Ticket under the help topic “CITM/IT - Email support”. Attach your application as ID proof and your ID number is your application ID number.


5.       Issue of Zoom Meeting Asking for Passcode or getting Un-authorized user message: Please check the credentials in Zoom App it should be your thapar email id. If you are using any other email in Zoom App, then, it will ask for a passcode or may prompt you with a message “unauthorize to attend meeting”.

a.       So Please follow the following steps to avoid these issues:

                                                               i.      Create your account on Zoom App with your email. Open Chrome. Open Login with email id.

                                                             ii.      Open next tab in same Chrome Browser

                                                           iii.      Open in the browser

                                                           iv.      Click SIGN UP (it's free)

                                                             v.      Do not Enter email id.  Click the Google icon below a username

                                                           vi.      It will load the list of Google accounts. Click on the Account

                                                          vii.      You are signed in with Zoom.

Note: The above steps are demonstrated in the pdf file attached herewith

Please see the recorded session video for “Online Classes through Zoom” from 00:20:50 - 00:29:45 duration.


6.       Webkiosk Account: We will provide you with the webkiosk account when roll number are assigned to you by academics. We will notify this later.


7.       Time-Table: Please go through the recorded session for Time-table access from 00:29:46 - 00:41:29 duration.


8.       Admission Letter: Please write to for an admission letter or admission related queries.

E-Ticket Support

by TIET LMS Admin -

Thapar institute has an online support system

Help Topic


IT-LMS Student-Subject Support          

For the Course & Branch change support of LMS

IT-LMS Technical Support

For All the Technical support of LMS

IT-Email Support of

For Only Offical Email id

IT-Webkoisk Reset Password

For Only Webkoisk Account.

  • We will help you.


by TIET LMS Admin -

Thapar institute has a WebKiosk service to provide all information and academic activities of students and faculty.

  • WebKiosk URL:
  • Username: your roll number is your username. It has been sent to your registered mobile number or official email id.
  • Password: 12345

In case you are facing any issue in accessing WebKiosk Account, please create an account with institute email and login on TIET online support Create a support eTicket under IT-WebKiosk Reset Password Support. We will help you.

Online Lectures/Labs/Tutorials through ZOOM:

by TIET LMS Admin -

Online Lectures/Labs/Tutorials through ZOOM:

Ø  Open

Ø  SIGN UP with your email

Ø  You need to install zoom application on your PC/Laptop/Mobile/Tabs to attend online lectures. Use your institute emailed to login on zoom.

Ø  Open TIET LMS with user credentials and click the online lecture link.

Ø  It will ask you to allow to open zoom in zoom application. Allow it.

Ø  You will be connected to the online class.

Thapar Email Access:

by TIET LMS Admin -

Institute issues email to all students. The online lectures and LMS access is through this email address.

Ø  Username: Will be shared through SMS or EMAIL

Ø  Password:   First three letters of your Father's Name in Capital Letter + DDMM of your Date of Birth + @tiet.

Example: Mohit Kumar is having enrollment number 102012001, His Father's name is Ramesh Kumar and his date of birth is 03-Jan-2000. His password is RAM0301@tiet.




Open in the web browser and enter and password.



            Set up IMAP

a)        Step 1: Check that IMAP is turned on

1.   On your computer, open  Gmail.

2.   In the top right, click Settings Gear on top-right. See all settings.

3.   Click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.

4.   In the "IMAP access" section, select Enable IMAP.

5.   Click Save Changes.

b)       Step 2: Change SMTP & other settings in your email client

Use the table below to update your client with the correct information. For help updating your settings, search your email client's Help Center for instructions on setting up IMAP.


Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server

Requires SSL: Yes

Port: 993

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server

Requires SSL: Yes

Requires TLS: Yes (if available)

Requires Authentication: Yes

Port for SSL: 465

Port for TLS/STARTTLS: 587

Full Name or Display Name

Your name

Account Name, User name, or Email address

Your full email address


Your Gmail password


In case you are facing any issue in accessing Thapar Email Account, please create an account with institute email and login on TIET online support . Create a support eticket under IT - Email Support. We will help you.